Saman Javan

Curiously Learning. Intelligently Designing.

About Me

How it Began

Growing up with an artistic mother, I naturally developed a strong background in the visual arts. My father encouraged me to be analytical and to learn as much as I could. I soon found teaching to be an incredibly rewarding experience too.

After completing a Bachelor of Design Honours and a master's degree in Educational Technology, I found a career path that remarkably combines my two passions: the power of design and the art of learning.

About My Name

They say "the sweetest sound to anyone's ear is the sound of their name." I don't have a typical name and I've heard some creative variations. To make it easier, I came up with a memorable tag line.

Saman, it's like Samantha without the "tha."


Areas of Interest

I'm always trying to keep a work-life balance, expanding both my professional and personal interests. Here's a list of areas I'm currently exploring and practicing:

  • gamification
  • learning and performance ecosystems
  • reading, reading, reading!
  • salsa dancing
  • gestalt psychology
  • in a tech frenzy world, I'm a huge proponent of being present and establishing meaningful human connections

Primary Skills


Gap Analysis


Project Management


Curriculum Design


Content Development




Rapid Prototyping

Technical Skills


Microsoft Office Suite


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Captivate



Recent Work Experience

Learning Experience Designer

Project ManagementInstructional Design Graphic Design
Deisigning solutions such as training strategies, online learning programs, and video tutorials for different clients.
Company: Independent Consultant      Period: 2014 - Present

Instructional Designer & Trainer

Curriculum DesignContent Development Graphic DesignTraining Delivery
As the only instructional designer, I was responsible for the design and development of curriculum plans, video tutorial series, support and ongoing maintenance of all training materials for the company's product suite. I also designed and faciliated the learning experience for an onboarding program for co-ops and new hires.
Company: RL Solutions      Period: 2010 - 2014

Instructional Design Consultant

eLearningContent Development Graphic Design
Worked closely with the project lead and various members of the Department of Defence team to design, develop and test several interactive eLearning modules targeting pilots. The designs were completed using a variety of tools including Adobe Photoshop and Flash. For references on work completed, please contact Instructio.
Company: Instructio      Period: 2009 - 2011


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